In reorganizing our schedule, I’ve carefully considered:
• How a student of any given level can enjoy a whole block of time at PMA on any given night
• The incorporation of our own students, Steve RossGreg St Pierre, and Dan Mainiero stepping into BJJ coaching roles.
• A “Peer Share” class, where Greg or Dan could share wrestling, Tom or Eric H could share judo, AND/OR Mike Ouellette can teach MMA-style striking (the mention of which has gotten a lot of interest from some of you.. more on that soon)
• An expansion of our kids program to include an intermediate class for the high level 10-12 year old kids too young to join our adults (thinking of Alec (Agnieszka Ratajczak), Elijah Ragin , Ethan Bliss, etc)
• More position-specific drilling (think Saturday-style “King Of The Hill”) but on Tue and Thu nights, too!
• Lots of rolling options, including the recent addition of 6AM Wednesdays

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