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Plainville Martial Arts boasts a fabulous 3500 square foot facility.  The separate men’s and women’s bathrooms are spacious, and feature lockers to hold your belongings, and multiple single showers that you may use at the end of a session.  It is nice to get into your car without bringing the sweat from a session with you!

The entire space is cleaned on a maintenance schedule posted for all visitors to see.  Our cleanliness is demonstrably thorough, and you will train in a nice, clean environment.


Martial arts can be a dangerous business.  At Plainville Martial Arts, you can train happy with peace of mind, knowing that every measure is being taken to ensure your safety.

At PMA, the mats we use are Zebra Elite, which are the known top brand in the industry, and at 2 inches thick, they are the best padded mats available.  You will be better protected, and be able to train longer and more safely training on these top quality mats.

Our rules are posted clearly for all visitors to read, and are enforced by all staff (and peer students).  They prohibit the behaviors that endanger students of martial arts, and prioritize the personal hygiene standards, sparring guidelines, and instructor expectations that maximize your progress while minimizing your exposure to accidents or unhealthy situations.

Lastly on this point, some schools just have a community attitude of “toughness” over safety.  We are a community of cooperative care for one another, and this is emphasized in all classes at all levels and ages.

We know you have to work the next day, and no one is trying to maul you.  We enjoy safe practice with our friends in preparation for the enemy we hope we never meet.


Every person that enters Plainville Martial Arts is a family member to us. What brings us together is a shared interest in the betterment of our lives.

All of us have stepped outside of our comfort zones to find each other at PMA. Every class, we share the mat, challenging ourselves, and supporting each other to grow through the uncomfortable, awkward phase, to the inevitable mastery of our techniques. The bonds and camaraderie this creates are profound.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with YOU, and hope you’ll fill out the interest form on this website to take your first step into our community.

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