Martial Arts Classes For Teens

In our Martial Arts Classes for Teens, Positive Role Models teach real self-defense and get teens in shape.

In teaching the authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practiced by armed forces and law enforcement, we give teens:

  • Skills and knowledge that will keep them safe when they get to increasingly dangerous college campuses
  • Rapid reflexive responses to violent attack that ensure survival and escape
  • Techniques that use leverage to defeat the size and strength advantage of a potentially larger, stronger assailant
  • An environment of support and camaraderie with friendly classmates and instructors
  • A place they are guaranteed to succeed, witness their own incremental successes, and be rewarded for their hard work in front of their peers
  • The confidence to avoid conflict situations entirely

Our Martial Arts Classes For Teens are NOT:

  • Games and kids stuff
  • Karate chops and solo forms
  • A watered down tournament sport
  • Boring or easy
  • Social hour
  • Just for guys

These classes ARE:

  • Absolutely realistic, usable self-defense
  • A full-body workout
  • Safe and professionally monitored
  • A great place to develop self-discipline, goal setting, fitness, and personal habits

If your teen is ready to handle the awesome responsibility of becoming a walking lethal weapon (we kid!), please fill out the form below for information on how to enroll!

For more information (schedule, pricing, etc), please fill out this form and submit. We'll reach to you by text or email right away!