Private Martial Arts Lessons

Are you interested in learning self-defense, but intimidated by a classroom setting?

  • Do you want to fast forward your learning of martial arts?
  • Do you feel your training has plateaued?
  • Do you know your learning style, and wish to custom-tailor the format of your instruction?
  • Do you want to sit with someone to help you work on the non-technique parts of your game, such as body-type-specific strategy, game-planning or mind-mapping?
  • Would you like help organizing, or creating a system for your technique note-taking and session logs?

Schedule yourself a private lesson at Plainville Martial Arts.

Private lessons were the preferred method of instruction for Carlos and Helio Gracie, creators of the art.  Classroom instruction was something that became a necessity when they could no longer teach privately and get to all interested students.

Pricing is as follows:

Black Belt instructed private lessons

• Members: $100
• Non-members: $125

Brown Belt instructed private lessons

• Members: $75
• Non-members: $90

Purple Belt instructed private lessons

• Members: $50
• Non-members: $60